Are you a student with a passion for user experience and design and an interest in using your skills to make the Nordic people healthier and happier? Do you want to work on products used by thousands of people every day? If so, then our internship program is for you.

Last summer, five talented students spent the summer at the SATS Service Office in Nydalen. They developed “Year in review”, which was sent out to our members at the beginning of 2022. This summer, we will take on a new set of students to develop something new to make our members healthier and happier.

This year we have already hired four tech students and we now want to expand the team with a designer. The internship will start June 20 and will last for six weeks, plus one week of vacation.

A design internship at SATS means working together in a cross-platform, cross-functional team consisting of developers, designers, product owners, and stakeholders. You will work on complex real-world problems. and collaborate on delivering an app or a concept that brings value to SATS and our members. You will participate in the whole process, from design, implementation, testing, and deployment. You will gain valuable insight into what it is like to work on a digital development project from start to finish. While doing so, you will be taken care of and work closely with a group of our excellent experienced developers and designers.

We are looking for students within relevant studies who share our desire to make people healthier and happier. We want you to have a passion for user experience and to put the users, our members, first. As a part of SATS, you have the opportunity to help people live a better life and accomplish their goals.

In addition to the SATS design system, we primarily use the tools Figma, Lookback, Hot Jar and Optimal Workshop so it would be wonderful if you have experience with any of these tools, but it’s not a requirement. Design thinking is the basis of our work process and our work usually starts with gathering insight, ideation and creating high-fidelity prototypes, before user testing them and iterating to improve them. We work closely with developers of all variations; backend, frontend, mobile, half-stack, full-stack, and anyone in-between.

We believe you will fit in at SATS if you are enthusiastic, reliable, committed, eager to learn, and not afraid to ask stupid questions. We are committed to diversity and prioritize making you feel welcome and valued.

Please send your application, describing your background, education, and motivation, to, as soon as possible. We are hiring continuously.

Sindre Moen, Katrine Dåstøl and Synne Opheim.
Come work with us at SATS!