This summer, five wonderful students spent the summer at SATS Service Office Nydalen. They worked together with a couple of our experienced developers, creating a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ which will make our members even happier (stay tuned for that!).

This worked out so well that two out of the five will be starting as developers as SATS as soon as they have completed their degrees, and we are happy to announce that we will take on a new set of students for a few weeks in the summer of 2022.

A tech internship at SATS means working in a cross-platform, cross-functional team consisting of web devs, back-end devs, mobile app devs and designers, who collaborate on delivering an app or a concept which brings value to SATS and SATS’s members.

We are looking for bachelor students or 4th-year master students within relevant studies who share our ambition of making people healthier and happier. As a part of SATS, you have the opportunity to help people live a better life and accomplish their goals.

You’ll participate in the whole process, from design, implementation, testing and deployment. You will gain valuable insight into what it is like to work on a digital development project from start to finish, and you will be taken care of by and work closely with a group of our excellent experienced developers.

As an intern, you will work on complex real-world problems. We aim to write reusable, clean and good code, and we care about helping each other. To expand our knowledge and learn from each other we have a lot of initiatives like innovation Fridays, tech lunches and hackathons, and our Slack is always blooming with discussions.

We are working with modern technologies and platforms such as React, Typescript, Core, Kotlin, Swift and Microsoft Azure, and there is room for developers of all variations; back-end, front-end, mobile, half-stack, full-stack, and anyone in between. This year, we really want to involve our mobile app(s), so if you have some experience with developing Android and/or iOS applications, you should most definitely apply! Our mobile app is used by hundreds of thousand of members every day.

We believe you will fit in at SATS if you are reliable and committed, eager to learn, and not afraid to ask stupid questions. An active lifestyle is not necessary, but identifying with our vision, which is to make the Nordics healthier and happier, is a definite must.

Please send your application, describing your background, education and motivation, to, within Oct 15 2021.

Synne Opheim and Katrine Dåstøl
Come work with us at SATS!